Yes to Life was featured in 'Let's Talk Health' series of CNN IBN in collaboration with Apollo Hospital. Its Founder Neeti Leekha Chhabra and Vice President Shruti Sharma shared their journey through Breast Cancer

Why Me or Wow Me! This is Neeti Leekha Chhabra's TEDx talk of winning over breast cancer at the age of 31 years with laughter, positivity and purpose.

'Feeling Alive' is a video launched by Yes To Life, penned by its founder and features only breast cancer champions. It intends to spread a message of hope and celebrates life cancer warrior style!


The video describes the right way to do a self breast exam. It should be done by every female after the age of 20 years, once every month. For details, see YouTube video description.


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Yes to Life is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated towards breast cancer awareness; cancer screenings; patient support - emotional, financial and rehabilitation. We are working with the aim of reducing the mortality rate arising from breast cancer. 

We run Breast Cancer Centre at Sector 45 (Dispensary, Sec 45), Gurugram, that is awarded to us by Health Dpt., Gurugram. Centre is run with the aim to cover women from lower income group from villages and slums of Gurugram - 

*Free of cost breast OPD by Dr. Kanchan Kaur, Senior Director, Breast Services, Medanta Medicity every Monday 10am-12 noon

*Breast cancer awareness in the community

*Free of cost screenings

*Free distribution of prosthesis & Mastectomy bras

*Treatment Support

The incidence of Breast Cancer has increased in India in recent years. This disease is curable if detected at an early stage. Our Mission is to aid in prevention and early detection with the motto - 'Screen, Sensitize & Support, our three pillars of hope'


"Being diagnosed in my early thirties was devastating, as is the case with anybody at any age. But drawing inspiration everyday from the WhatsApp support group, aptly called “Happiness Surrounds Us” was the only motivation I needed to pull through those tough times. It was like being a part of this huge family, most of whose members I had never met but still felt this very strong bond that was nothing compared to any relationship that I had felt before. One query from this side and there would be multiple responses even at the most odd hours from survivors wanting to help. It felt as if the Universe had finally given us all a reason to have cancer. The constant positive energy that I drew from these courageous women made my life worth living again, at the fullest. And to share the lessons learned in this journey with the lesser privileged sections of the society through free cancer screenings and awareness camps across the city made it all seem even more meaningful. Thank you, Yes to Life for making me realise how you can take out the good from the worst, at all times!!!"                                                                         -Sumita Kohli, Breast Cancer Champion

It took me 20 days post diagnosis to decide on starting my chemo. I was filled with fear and despair and that is when I met Shruti from the 'Yes to Life' NGO. The empathy shown by her, the warmth and comfort she gave me is hard to forget. You meet Neeti and Shruti and the energy and warmth that they radiate its so so lovely. After my first chemo, I was added to the happiness WhatsApp group which has been such a big support. It's like having an extended family to reach out that too without any judgement. I have not just reached out to the group to ask questions during my treatment like..how long does it take for the eyebrows to return, sharing my success during the treatment, guess what am done with chemo and my skin glows :) to hey I just did 10 sun salutations! This group is such a strong support network, a family that you don't want to break ties with. These are two amazing women who never hesitate to go back to their journey and recall how they dealt with issues faced by them."  -Pragya, Breast Cancer Champion


Yes to Life has been covered in various media platforms including TV programs, news and magazine articles. 

On 19th November 2017, Yes to Life was awarded with Most Promising NGO of the Year 2017 at Magicka Angels Awards

Yes To Life


Yes to Life is run by young Breast Cancer Champions working passionately to bring down the mortality rate arising out of breast cancer

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Screen, Sensitize, Support...Our Three Pillars of Hope


Main Areas of Operation:

  • Breast Cancer Centre, Sec 45, Gurugram
  • Awareness Talks, free of charge
  • Cancer Screening Camps
  • Treatment Support 
  • Support Group
  • Rehabilitation Support

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for making this lecture successful and resourceful not only for the students but for the faculty as well. It was an honour for us to be able to hear your ideas. Although our institute strives to provide the best instructional experiences to our students but we cannot replicate the world of work experiences you presented to the students. Your ideas and deep insights sparked lively deliberations amongst the participants. I hope we can again arrange such fruitful events with you in future. Your contributions are greatly appreciated! “

                                                                                                        - Dr. Aparna Mishra, Director, BCIPS

Breast cancer when diagnosed at an early stage has a much higher chance of being cured.

Our young sheroes are a living example of positivity, faith and courage who have not only fought the disease and defeated it but have also taken a step forward to spread hope and light.

This initiative is to celebrate the undefeatable strength of these young warriors.